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Lucky you cleanse

Posted on January 27 2021

Lucky you cleanse
Introducing Lucky You Cleanse!

Lucky You Juice Cleanse is an Australian based, cold-pressed juice & cleanse company. They are actually the first cold pressed juice company in Australia. Over eleven years of operation, they have turned many on to the beautiful benefits of juicing and the unbelievable advantages to consuming green juice often. Lucky You Cleanse operates with simplicity as a general guideline. The finest raw fruit and vegetable ingredients juiced using the best equipment available ...that's it. 

Lucky You was created after the founder, Heidy, determined there was a void in the Australian market for a nutrient-dense, power-packed green juice. Being a DIY juicer herself she was keenly aware of the work, mess and cost involved in daily juicing. She also conceded that she could not go without her daily green juices so it was fitting to make it her business. Having lived in the US for many years, where fresh pressed, unpasteurized juice was accessible to many, it was obvious that Australians would benefit immensely from this concept. To enhance her experience she traveled to Puerto Rico to study and earn a certification from the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute. Ann Wigmore was the pioneer of wheatgrass across the US and a leading voice in pushing the mandate of eating food that is "alive" to maintain health and longevity.

It was clear to Heidy that knowledge and education were not enough to bring nutrient dense juice to the market. The next step was to understand the many juicing methods and select the equipment that could process the juice without harming the enzymes and nutrient value. Following many months of research, Lucky You imported its first 300-kilo hydraulic press in 2009 from overseas. Lucky You was the first juice & cleanse company in Australia to be able to offer raw, whole, unpasteurized juice crafted from this exceptional equipment.

“Pressed Juices” deliver significantly more nourishment and health benefits than traditional juicing methods. The juices are not only great for your body but taste great too! They flood the body’s cells with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that cleanse, heal, and nourish. The goal has always been to provide nourishing, clean fuel for the body, mind, and spirit. 

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