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New supplier spotlight

Posted on December 03 2020

New supplier spotlight
Introducing Mr Flax! A Sydney based boutique salmon providore who hand cures and cold smokes his salmon in small batches (just once a month). Due to his limited production and high demand, we only receive a handful of packets each run, so get in quick as this beautiful product is sure to sell out.
His choice of salmon is the highly prized New Zealand King Salmon, which has the highest natural omega 3 oil content of all salmon varieties. It is so rare, it actually only makes up less than one percent of the world's salmon population. Each fillet is meticulously trimmed and pin-boned by hand and then artisanal cured for many hours in small batches, resulting in a delicate nuanced flavour and luscious elegant texture.
Mr Flax will be offering larger 500g packets for Christmas which will be featured in our Christmas collection, to be launched on our website later this week.

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