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Supplier Update

Posted on February 24 2021

Supplier Update

Brother Mountain are a family business that create flavoured macadamias and nut butter products. After having their first baby, they decided to pursue their personal interest in native and locally grown Australian foods. The nuts are grown and harvested on their family farm at the Mid North Coast of NSW located between South and Middle Brother Mountains. 

The farm operates on a zero waste production, one way they do this is by using pruned branches and the macadamia husk and turning it into mulch. Alistair's dad, Murray has been working at regenerating pockets of native bushland on the farm.

Over the past 6 months the focus has been on building up and applying good layers of mulch to protect the roots, retain moisture levels in the soil and encourage good soil microbe activity. The farm is currently getting ready for harvest, and has had a good amount of rain over December and January, which means there will be a good yield with the early nut varieties being harvested in April. 

Brother Mountain are very excited to be working with Chef James Wallis and founder of Green Anchor for the first in a series of a seasonal release flavoured macadamias. They will kick it off with a surprise flavour from James for their Autumn 2021 edition. Stay tuned for more details.   

Green anchor website: https://www.greenanchor.com.au/about/

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