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Chateau De L'Escarelle

2018 Chateau De L'Escarelle Cuvee Palm Rose


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2018 Chateau De L'Escarelle Cuvee Palm Rose 

Region: Provence, FRA


This magnificent Estate, created in 1718, of 1100 hectares, which are 100 under vines, niched between Aix en Provence, and Frejus, is an ecological gem.

Its environment is protected by new proprietor Yann Pineau who reconverted into viticulture due to his passion, as well as his ardent support for sustainable farming and biodynamic in the vineyard. As such important investments are being made to make it both exemplary and an exceptional place: an immaculate vineyard of the highest quality, in a unique setting.

The wines are all hand crafted and are a blend of Grenache & Cinsault. This wine is classic example of delicious Rose for summer drinking.