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Gaelic Cemetery

2020 Gaelic Cemetery Celtic Farm Riesling


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2020 Gaelic Cemetery Celtic Farm Riesling

Region: Clare Valley, SA

Gaelic Cemetery is a side label from a family synonymous with the Clare Valley and Riesling in particular, the Pike family.

Neil Pike explains how the label centres around this one prime, low cropping, single vineyard in the Clare. Where he could easily have taken the fruit and blended it into the Pikes family label, he thought that this fruit deserved to be presented on its own. The wines are sensational value, the Rieslings in particular.

This is the "entry level" Riesling but it seriously over-delivers. Just like Neil's own Rieslings under the Pikes label it manages such purity and flavour, without a hefty pricetag! For sheer value, this is one of the smartest Clare Rieslings around.