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Aunty's Ginger Tonic

Aunty’s Ginger Tonic w/ Tamarind


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Who is AGT?

- Healthy alternative to energy and soft
drinks, the ‘better for me’ option
- A tonic that offers the health benefits of

natural ingredients
- 5% Australian Organic Ginger
(more than any other brand)
- 3 Simple Ingredients - original recipe - 2 unique flavours

- No Nasties or anything artificial
- Jam packed with antioxidant and immune

boosting goodness
- Fresh, clean plant based nutrition
- Socially responsible in supporting other
refugees to follow their dreams and give back
Our mission is to inspire people to make
choices that will increase their quality of life,
so that they live their best life.
Locally Made - Australian Owned

Founder, Yarrie Bangura fled her war-torn
home in Sierra Leone when she was just
eight. Years later she arrived in Australia. Her
memories of her African heritage, natural
remedies and her community inspired her to
start making the special Ginger brews she
drank in her childhood. Packed full of
goodness - Aunty’s Ginger Tonics are zesty,
all natural ginger drinks using organic
ingredients honouring the original recipes
from the villages of West Africa.