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Beeswax Wraps

By The Metre


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What are Beeswax Wraps?
Homemade with love, Beeswax Wraps Australia is helping to set the global trend for reducing single-use plastic waste in our daily lives.
Using the highest quality Aco certified Australian organic beeswax, and G.o.t.s. certified organic cottons, we craft the highest quality and buzziest eco-friendly alternatives to food wrap on the market. Keeping your food fresh has never been so exciting.
Beautiful and authentic, the indigenous Australian Dreamtime artwork on some of our wraps, share captivating stories of our connection to the land and to each other.
This gift to self, planet and friends, will fill your kitchen with colour and culture, wisdom and life.
We are grateful you have chosen to join us on such an important journey.



By The Metre
Get the length you prefer and customize your own sizes:
Medium - 28 cm width $40/m
Large - 34 cm width $45/m
X-Large - 46 cm width $50/m





Cover, stick, squeeze, wash and reuse! 

To keep your wraps healthy for up to a year
or longer: wash them with your hands in
cold water using light or alcohol-free soap
and set to dry completely before next use.


    DO NOT:

    • Heat
    • Microwave
    • Place in the dishwasher