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Cedar Creek

Cedar Creek Orchard Apple Crush Juice COLD PRESSED (2 litre)


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Apple Juice

COLD PRESSED (2 litre)


It is our belief that if we can get people to taste our juice that it will sell itself. People often comment about how "It actually tastes like apples". Cedar Creek apple juice is a blend of various types of apples, creating its own unique taste, and is freshly crushed on our orchard, here in Thirlmere.

The Silm family have been making apple juice for over 30 years!

Our product is 100% Australian, made with fresh apples grown by Aussie farmers, and it is 100% juice with no preservatives, no added sugar, no added water, and most importantly, NO CONCENTRATES. It is truly an exceptional product, as any apple juice drinker would be able to tell you after tasting it, and it is a suitable and very healthy product for children.