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Cook & Sons Artisan Chicken Liver Parfait (250g)


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Cook & Sons Artisan Chicken Liver Parfait (250g)

Smooth, delicate and rich. Entirely made in-house with hand selected free range chicken liver by our chief artisan Charcutier, Romeo Baudouin. 

For the past 20 years, Romeo has been showcasing his charcuterie skills throughout Sydney working in top restaurants such as Restaurant VII, Guillaume at Bennelong and GPO. In 2004, Romeo struck out on his own, opening Les Saveurs de Romeo where he spent four years bringing his speciality craftsmanship to Sydney.

That said, Romeo’s career was established much earlier on, when he began working with his cousin Didier Bouchereau in their hometown of Nantes, France. With four years of training in some of the most prestigious charcuterie schools in France, Romeo’s specialised skills were extremely sought after throughout France, England and more.

Years in the industry have earned Romeo the respect of providores, chefs and restaurateurs alike, and his signature techniques of making use of every cut of pork from the snout to the tail, utilising traditional techniques, seasonal ingredients and quality livestock from some of Australia’s leading producers.

Most recently, he was running his own speciality charcuterie providore in St Peters, Romeo’s Fine Foods, where he further expanded his product offering to include Pâté en Croûte, fromage de tête, jamon persillé, and more. 

Try his Parfait - its beautiful!