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3 Green Peas

Spanakopita (VEGAN)


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Vegan Feta, Spinach & Dill, Mint or No Herbs Spanakopita

600g / Serves 2-4

300g / Serves 1-2

  • Locally Handmade. No preservatives.
  • From Freezer to Hot Oven. No thawing needed.
  • Cut into the top after 25 min in the oven to let the air out.
  • Bake for 60 min or more as required.
  • Ingredients: Baby spinach, dill/mint/no herbs, vegan feta (cashew nuts, apple cider vinegar, filtered water, olive oil, salt, pepper, fresh lemon) garlic, wheat-based fillo pastry, vegan cheddar (almond milk, agar agar, brown rice, canola, tapioca), rice flour, sesame seeds, cracked pepper. NO ONIONS.